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Allergy-Safe Family Food
by Suzanna Paxton

Published: 1 February 2009
ARP: $19.99; paperback
ISBN: 9780732288846
Imprint: HarperCollins

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allergy-safe-letterI am a mum of two girls- my eldest soon to be 3 is also anaphylactic, my youngest is being tested in October.

I would just love to say an enormous thank you for your book "Allergy Safe Family Food". I had a girlfriend give it to me as a gift and I can't possibly explain to you the difference it has made to me. I stopped looking because I never found what I needed - but with your book life seems so much easier. It is wonderful and  has made my life incredibly easier and less stressful and I can't rave about how good it is to everyone.

This book has truly felt like a light at the end of a tunnel.

I appreciate this "bible" more than I could ever explain and I am so grateful to you for it.
Thank you very very much

In great appreciation from a mum.

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LINK: Allergy Safe Family Food: Susanna Paxton’s Guide to Cooking Delicious Allergy-safe Recipes

Reviewed by Susan Whelan

Karen Hardy writes for Food & Wine | Print |  E-mail

Nutting to stop me

Food allergies are on the rise, but they don’t have to limit your life, Karen Hardy writes

Between them, Sam and Emily Paxton, of Victoria, are allergic to egg, soy, peanut, tree nuts and sesame seed. They have relatives who are allergic to dairy, and others who have coeliac disease, a permanent intestinal intolerance to dietary gluten. Family gatherings had the potential to be disastrous, in terms of the medical consequences, but also in terms of planning a menu...

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Wham, out of the blue

For Bill Maloney, life changed forever when he developed a dangerous allergy

How to adequately convey the impact of living with the risk of anaphylaxis, an incurable, life-threatening condition, in just a few words? In my case, it can be explained as a series of ‘‘quels’’. The prequel, when as a fit, healthy, allergy-free, and happy person I followed the mantra of that would-be rock philosopher Jim Keays to ‘‘do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be, yeah!’’ Then came a series of life-changing events...

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Reviewed by Janet Croft, broadcast on 103,1 FM Grafton; 22 February 2009

“To begin with, a non-fiction book, of recipes.  Titled Allergy Safe Family Food, this is an important and significant book for families where any member, but particularly the children, are allergic to particular foods: nuts, eggs, wheat or fish, for example and for those with coeliac disease, which means that a person cannot eat foods containing gluten. An important part of the book is the introduction, which explains the potential seriousness of these allergies, and emphasizes the need to work closely with a doctor and dietician when allergies are present.  The recipes, including family favorites like shepherd’s pie, chocolate fudge slice, and chicken nuggets, have all been tested, and have passed the taste tests!  They use substitute flour, and milk for example, and egg, and   each recipe is tagged at the top, with the allergy groups, for whom it is safe.  There is also a shopping guide and tips for managing food allergies, for example at children’s parties.  Interesting to read, but an excellent book for families where there are food allergies.”

This book Allergy Safe Family Food is written by Susanna Paxton, and released by Harper Collins in paperback.  RRP $19.99

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